November 5, 2018


Lynnfield, Massachusetts


Elder Veroneau

Week 60 - Halloween in Salem!

Hello Everybody!

I hope that you all had a great week! Mine was full of some really good things! It included my favorite holiday as a missionary; we got to turn back our clocks an hour to get more sleep for one night! Just kidding that really isn't my favorite holliday. Halloween isn't either, but it did make for a pretty fun week! The sad thing though, with the time change, it gets darker and darker, earlier and earlier. It just gets more and more likely for somebody to tell us to go home becasue they were just about to go to bed.... at 4:30... hahaha! 

I will tell you about Halloween a little bit and then save the best for last! So on Halloween day we all got together as a district and went to Salem to do a booth. Salem is the place where like the witch trials happened and all that good stuff so it is pretty famous for Halloween! Salem is in my area, so we were the ones leading it out. It was pretty crazy though! There were a ton of people, crazy costumes, and 11 real missionaries walking around! I think there is a reason that missionary work isn't the best on Halloween, just becasue everybody thought we were dressed up! They told us we looked like we could've been really legit though haha. I met a whole lot of members that traveled out to Salem though. It was good and we were able to see some good things, and then we got outta there! Mainly because it is a mission rule that we have to be in our apartments at 5 on Halloween for what they call Deep Clean Halloween! Yay! hahaha

One awesome thing this week was somebody that messaged us was late at night. We responded to him in the morning and apparently he had been taught before by missionaries before and he was ready to start learning again! It is also cool that he graduated in my same class and he loved basketball! We taught him that day and then he came to church on Sunday!

All in all though, Sunday was by far our best day of the week. We had four people that we are teaching at church this week, including Loretta, Jasim, Matt (The guy above), and this guy named Jim. Then right after church we had Loretta's baptism!!!!!! Yay! Go team Jesus!! Another on the covenant pathway! She will be getting the Holy Ghost next week in church! It went really good though, once it started haha. Before it we had some stressing things like not having any baptismal clothing for either Loretta or her husband who would be baptizing her, Dominic. We eventually made it happen though with an extra jumpsuit and then us running home to get one of my shirts for Dominic to wear in the water! Luckily he didn't have to button up the top! It was a great service though. I was able to have the opportunity to speak on baptism, and I talked about starting a backpacking trip and compared it to starting on the covenant path. The biggest difference about backpacking and the covenant path though, is that unlike a backpacking trip where the weight is heavier and feels heavier the further you go, when you walk to covenant path our weight gets taken off through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It is the only hike where littering is allowed, even encouraged :) So litter a little bit, it will be worth it, I promise! 

I love each one of you! I hope you all of you have a great week! This next week we have Zone Conference and then next week is transfer week, so I will be emailing on Tuesday next week. Now go and see some miracles in your life! 

Elder Brown
105 Wind Song Ave
Manchester, NH 03104

1. In Salem after the Booth. 
2-3. Loretta's baptism!! 


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