March 14, 2018


Topsham, Maine


Elder Levi Nielson

Week 27 - Nor'Easter Skylar!

Hello Everybody!
I hope you have all had a great week and had less (or more if in Blanding) snow than we have had up here! It has been a really good and crazy week over here. We have had two pretty big snow storms out here! We had one last Thursday that dropped about 14" ish and we have one that has been going on since yesterday into today and I am not sure how much snow it has dropped yet, but it is still coming! I don't know the official terms of the storms out here, but I think the one today is a Nor'Easter because of the direction that the wind is coming in at and the wind is a lot stronger; I don't think the one on Thursday was a Nor'Easter. Anyways, It was a big enough storm to get a name so that is pretty cool! We have has some good experiences in shoveling snow and seeing some cool miracles from it!
One of those miracles was on last Thursday's storm. We had just walked outside with our snow shovels, and we weren't sure which direction to go or what street to go down. We decided to walk in one direction and then turn on a street that we have a couple people that we are trying to teach. We had a total of three people that we wanted to try and go shovel for on that street. Walter, Phillip, and Vern. We walked up to the first house and Walter was outside shoveling! So we went and talked to him and we're able to help him shovel a bit and then set up a return appointment. Then we walked to the next house and there was Phillip! He is a pretty old man and he was outside shoveling, so we rushed over to help him and then we were able to set up a return appointment with him as well! When we were leaving Phillip's Elder Nielson turned to me and said, "It would be so crazy if Vern..." And then we turned the corner of the house and there was Vern outside shoveling! It was amazing! So we got to help him out with some shoveling and we set up a return appointment with him! It was a very good walk down this street and I know that the Spirit led our choices! So then fast forward to yesterday (Tuesday). We just barely got done with teaching Phillip. That lesson went really well, we need to be able to help him understand that he can change his ways, but it was a good lesson. So we walk out from the lesson and we walk towards Vern's house. He is not outside. But we got to go and talk to a person that is staying in the next house down, Jack. He is a super cool guy that has had a pretty rough life, but he has noticed God helping him along the way. He wants to make some changes to his life and we were able to teach him a little bit and then set up a return appointment! So now we are teaching 4 people on this one street right next to each other on the same side of the street! It is awesome! 
We were able to do some other cool stuff in the storms, but those were definitely some of the best! The rest of the week was pretty normal besides p-day. We were supposed to have p-day on Tuesday because of transfers and then the storm was on Tuesday so they split it in half between Monday and Wednesday, so that is why I am emailing today! 
Transfers were this week and I am going to be staying with Elder Nielson for at least another 6 weeks in the Topsham, ME Ward! I am excited for that and I am also excited for hopefully it to get a little bit warmer, but it probably won't! I have loved being able to serve the people in this area and be able to spread this essential message which I know! I love you all and I hope you have a great week! 
Elder Brown
105 Wind Song Ave
Manchester, NH 03104
1. We made some mini missionary snow men!2. We had stake conference this weekend and so it nesicitated a selfie with Missionaries and Sister Blair.3. Elder Rice and I went on exchanges on Friday and Saturday so we decided to get in the New England spirit and get some Dunkin and take a picture on a suspension bridge!3. The district! (The sun was very very very bright)


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