March 5, 2018


Topsham, Maine


Elder Levi Nielson

Week 26 - 6 Months Down!

Hey Everybody!

I hope that you all have had such a fantastic week! It is crazy that I have already been out for 6 months already! It is alright though because that means I can make the best out of the 18 I have left!

So I will start out with a kinda funny story from this week and then we will see if I want to tell more. On Wednesday we had like 5 or so lessons scheduled for the day, which is quite a bit. We were really excited about it! But, we all know how it goes, and we only ended up having 2 of those lessons. That it not the funny part. Because of all of the dropped lessons we decided to drive up the northern-ish part of our area. Our area does not have any like big cities in it, but Brunswick (The city we live in) is pretty good sized for Maine. When we go to the other side of our area though, it can get pretty scarce to find a house haha. So we were driving up there to try and contact a few people we had some records on. It was super muddy because of all the snow that has been melting. We found the house that we wanted to knock, but their driveway was all super deep mud and there was no way that we could get in and out of there without getting stuck. So I decided that we would park on the road instead. We went and knocked the door and nobody that wanted to talk to us was there, so we walked back. Well on the road we parked on, the house on the road next to our car had some livestock. Donkey's, chickens, etc. My companion was very intrigued by these animals that he was seeing. (He is from San Diego) So he decided to take some pictures. The lady that owned the house saw him taking pictures and wanted to know what was up. She came out and she was actually pretty nice. She was in her Pj's and she had a really thick Mainer accent. She just wanted to make sure that were not like government or something like that. She was super nice until she heard that we were mormons, and then she started to explain to us how we needed to go and talk to her preacher immediately for some help and guidance haha. That was a pretty fun experience and we didn't even get stuck in the mud!

So some of y'all have asked about the coastal storm that we got, or that we didn’t get. There was supposed to be a big storm that was going to hit us, so the mission got everybody prepped for it. District Meeting that day was going to be in my area so everybody else was told to bring extra stuff in case the weather was so bad that they couldn't drive back to their areas. So we were getting so ready and excited for a big storm, but there was nothing. Yeah it was a little bit of wind, but really nothing!! I bet that some other places got hit, but there was nothing of excitement up here!

Well that is it from me this week, but I want all of you to know that I do indeed of a testimony of this gospel. I know Christ lives, and because he lives, so can we. I am so grateful to have this knowledge in my life. I know that we can find peace in Christ! I love you all and I hope you have a great week!


Elder Brown
105 Wind Song Ave
Manchester, NH 03104

1-3: There is a Sister that got emergency transfered out of the area, so we had to take some pictures of the district before she left. The one with us three in it, is a picture of us three who served in the Somersworth Ward(My last area).


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