February 5, 2018


Topsham, Maine


Elder Levi Nielson

Week 22 - Topsham, ME!

Hello everybody!

I hope that you all had a fantastic week, because I know I did! I wasn't sure how this week was going to go with transfers and all that, but it ended up being pretty solid! So being in my last area feels like forever ago, even though it was like only a couple of days ago! A lot of my last couple days in my area was a lot of saying goodbye to a lot of investigators, members, and other people. Also packing! I now realize that even though I don't have a lot of stuff, packing is a pain! That is alright though because I made in with all of my stuff in one piece to my new area! So when saying goodbye to people I totally forgot to ask to get pictures with eveybody, so that is kinda no bueno.

On Thursday we woke up, and headed down to Manchester. Down there we got to rearrange and strategically pack stuff back in cars, and then head out to our new areas. I can't remember if I told you guys or not, but my new companion is Elder Nielson. He is from San Diego, CA. He has been out about 3 months now. And he likes alternative music (just a little fun fact about him). Oh yeah and he is 5'9", because I know everybody will ask, haha.

A lot of the rest of the week has been a lot of trying to get to know the area and talking to a bunch of people. So I live in Brunswick, ME which is a really cool place. It is a little bit bigger than Rochester I would say, but they are just different, haha. I am way excited to be in his new area and help out the work the best I can! I have also had some pretty cool stories since I have been here too!

The first cool story is how we found a new investigator named Lorna. It was the end of my first night, Thursday night, and we were walking out of Hanaford's (THE New England grocery store) and she was just standing there. I said hi and then she asked "Are you Mormons?" Of course we said yes. She then proceed on how she really wanted us to come and visit and pretty much just threw her information at us then hopped in a cab and left. So we will be visiting her this week!

The next awesome story is how we found Phil. He was a potential investigator in our records so we decided to go and drop by. It we late Sunday night, and he was out cooking hamburgers in the rain, in his driveway, an hour before the Super Bowl started, and so we went and talked to him. He told us about some hard things he has been through including a nasty divorce that has made religion leave a bad taste in his mouth. We were able to testify of some principles of the gospel and he said that he would be open to what we have to say! So that was way awesome!

I think that is it from me this week! I love you all and I hope you have an amazing week!

P.S. Also, yes I did hear that the Eagles won, and I am super excited about that! Now let's hope New Englanders are happy! :) Love you all!!!

P.P.S My new address is this: (If you send something to me at the mission home address: 105 Wind Song Avenue.... Then it will ALWAYS get to me, eventually. If it is sent by USPS then it can be forwarded. If not then I will get it when someone can get it to me, but if you feel like sending it to my current address then here it is.)

1 Cedar Street Apt #8
Brunswick, ME 04011

Elder Brown
105 Wind Song Ave
Manchester, NH 03104

1: My boys from the district this last transfer. L to R: Elder Solomon, Me, Elder Bowman, Elder Taylor.

2: The sisters and us on our way to transfer meeting. L to R: Me, Sister Brown, Sister Galbriath, Elder Bowman.


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