January 1, 2018


Rochester, New Hampshire


Elder Trey Bowman

Week 17 - Happy New Years!!!

Happy 2018 Everybody!!!

Well New Years is actually not very exciting as a missionary as it turns out! I heard a few lone fireworks as I drifted off to sleep at 10:30 last night. And then I didn't even remember it was the new year this morning until I was putting my shirt on and Elder Bowman came and popped off a confetti thing right next to me and scared me! So yeah 2018 has been pretty good so far though!

One thing that a good thing about a new year is that you can have a fresh start! I know that we can all have fresh starts and even "Do-overs" at anytime, because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for this opportunity to access the Atonement. Also, it is a very good time to set goals! I know everybody hates goals! I did too before I came out on my mission! Everybody always talked about setting goals and how it was so important, but I just brushed if off! But now I have seen how effective goal setting can be, and when we add The Lord in our goals, then we can accomplish so much! So I challenge all of you to set some actual goals for 2018 (Or even for a week or a month) and include the Lord in it and see how it goes! 

This week was really exciting because we were able to find a bunch of new people to teach! So on Friday we started our exchange with the Zone Leaders. I was with Elder Jacobsen for the day and we were in Rochester. The day was full of good stories and miracles, so I will just tell some of it. I am not sure if I will tell a lot or a little, but I will just start telling!

So we started off by planning some people to go and visit. We had to plan out skillfully because we are not allowed to be out for longer than 20 minutes outside at a time. This is because it has been super cold outside! It has been between -10 and +10 degrees all week! So the rule to try and keep us somewhat safe is that we have to warm up every 20 minutes. So we started our journey in the cold and the first person we tried to contact was a Less-active that I have tried plenty of times, but this time he actually answered his door! Then we tried to go somewhere else, but it looked abandoned. We knocked it anyway! And... it was abandoned haha. so we had been  out for about 20 minutes and were were still a good 10 minutes away from home. Then I got the thought to go and visit someone that I hadn't seen for a while and didn't plan to see for a while. Long story short he let us in and talk, but he is still not interested. So restarting our time we started walking again. We talked to some people that were crazy enough to be out and even got some return appointments! Then there was this one guy that we were talking to and we walked with him to Walgreens. He wasn't interested, but he led us to Walgreens so we decided to go and get warm and try to talk to some people. In Walgreens we were actually able to find somebody to teach! We were led their for a reason! Then we went back to the apartment and headed to an appointment in a member's home. The appointment actually fell through, so driving back we remembered that we hadn't had any dinner so we tried to figure out where to go. We both really wanted to go to one place, be we just weren't "feeling it" so we tried to think of a new place. We decided on Taco Bell. We always try to talk to people wherever we go, so we thought Taco Bell had some good people to talk to and teach! But, the place was... abandoned... There was nobody to talk to! We got our food and sat down. Right when we sat down one of the workers came out and asked us for his card, we thought he meant Debit card, but he meant our number! Turns out he is a Less-active member and he really wants to come back, and get his girlfriend baptized! And he wants to play basketball with us so extra big bonus!!! Well that was our exchange and it was super fun, not in the sun! 

Love you all!!! Happy New Year!!! 

Elder Brown

105 Wind Song Ave
Manchester, NH 03104

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