October 9, 2017


Rochester, New Hampshire


Elder Broekhuijen

Week 5 - Area Book 2.0

Hello Everybody!!
First off, I know a lot of you are wondering about the title of my email so I will tell you about it first haha. So to plan our days and such we use Area Book planner on our tablets. The app has had some flaws and needed improvements. Area Book Planner 2.0 came out this week. Lots of people were really excited for its release, but when it released on Wednesday it was ummmm... not well accepted hahaha. They changed a lot of features that people liked, so in the review section of the app there were a lot of negative comments. The first couple were just like 1 star reviews, but by the end it was to see who could make the best joke about how bad Area Book 2.0 was haha. Here are some of my personal favorite comments:"Area book planner 2.0 makes me say 'I wish I was a Jew'"."This is by far the second best Area Book app I have ever used""I would rather become a vegan than use Area Book 2.0" There was some really funny comments on there haha and I can't remember all of them. So that was some pretty big news this week. 
The weather in New Hampshire has been really bi-polar this week. Like yesterday it was rainy all during meeting at church, and then later in the day it was super hot and humid! Good new is that the colors are starting to change though! I don't have any pictures of it this week, but I will try and get some this coming week!
Last Monday we had a Zone P-day. Elder B and I drove down to Exter, NH (where our Zone leaders are) and we pretty much just played a bunch of games. We played basketball, frisbee, football, kickball, and some other like get to know you ish games. 
This week we had exchanges with the elders in Sanford, Maine. My comp is the District Leader, so I went over to their area with Elder Greene. Elder Greene is from St. George and has been out about 8 months. He is 6' 5" tall and before I got here, he was the tallest one in the mission, but now I am the tallest one! He is really cool and we taught some really cool people. It was really interesting to be able to see how other people do missionary work because so far I had just had one type of it. 
As far as the work goes, Rochester is really rough sometimes. There aren't always very many people out and even less are willing to talk to us. Last night was what our Zone calls "4th quarter finding". This is where we pretty much just go out and try to find people to teach for Sunday night, because it is our last opportunity to achieve the goals that we set for the week if we are short on any of them. So we pretty much walked around Rochester for 3 hours straight just trying to get people to talk to us. After having not much luck, we planned our route to walk  home. We are supposed to be back to our apt. at 9 if we are not teaching a lesson so at 8:55 we started our walk back. Right then we met somebody, Scott, and had a really good conversation with him and he accepted a BOM and gave us his phone number! This was way awesome!
So I have a really important job for everyone! If you would like to (You don't have to, but it would help :) ) think of this question and then email me back your answer! The question is this "If you were on the cold, dark streets, and someone tried to talk to you, what would make you want to keep the conversation going?" Like would having hot chocolate help, would them holding something help? We need some ideas and I think that you guys could come up with some great ones! 
I would like to leave you all with one thought. In conference this past week, there were a lot of talks about service. Sister Oscarson said this "Unless we lose ourselves in service, then our lives have no purpose." I know this to be true and I know that we should all be finding ways to serve others at all times. Service is one of the many characteristics of Christ, and as we forget about ourselves and look towards the needs of others, then we can become closer to Him. 
Love you all!

Elder Brown
105 Wind Song Ave
Manchester, NH 03104


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