October 2, 2017


Rochester, New Hampshire


Elder Broekhuijen

Week 3 & 4 - New Hampshire!!

Well I finally made it to New Hampshire! I left last Monday at 3:30 in the morning and flew from SLC to Detroit and then from Detroit to Manchester.
It was a long day of flying and then once we got to Manchester the very first thing we did was go and talk to people. I hit the streets with one of the assistants and another new missionary that I didn't know. We each took a BOM and our goal was to each hand one out. It was really scary to go out and talk to people at first, but by the end it was really fun and we actually got a new investigator! 
Backtrack to the MTC, I would tell you guys a lot more fun stories of the MTC, but it seems like it was forever ago! All I remember was that it was really hard to say goodbye because I grew really close to them in the 3ish weeks that we were there together. But we are all on to bigger and better things!
So after we went street contacting after we got off of the plane, we headed to the mission house for dinner, activites, and interviews. We stayed the night there and then the next morning we had breakfast and then headed to the the chapel/mission office for a training and to meet our companions! At about 12:30 we met our companions and by 1:30 we were headed to our area! My companion is Elder Broekhuijen (The name is dutch, but he is american. You say it like brook-house-en). He is from Highland, Utah and he has been out for 9 months. My area is Somersworth, New Hampshire, but My companion and I actually work/live in Rochester, NH. There are sisters in Somersworth  that teach there. My companion is 5'8". That is not like super short, but I guess if some people have seen the picture of me and him (On the NHMM Facebook page) then he might look smaller haha. He is a really great person and I am super excited that he is my trainer! 
This week has been super crazy, but people have been telling me that it will eventually slow down. I hope so haha! The reason it was so busy was because of all of the crazy meetings we had. We had district meeting on Wednesday. So We didn't have a lot of time to proselyte on Wednesday because Elder Broekhuijen is the district leader. Then we had to drive back to Manchester that night for MLC. Normally MLC is just for Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders, but this time was special. The NHMM is one of 5 missions in the world at the moment that have/will receive smart phones! So my comp was chosen to be a part of the tech team to help set it up so he got to go to MLC. While he was at MLC I got to go and proselyte in Manchester again! I spent all day in Manchester and then we headed back to Rochester later that night. So that was thursday. On Friday we had interviews with President Blair. Did I mention how much I love President Blair? No? Well I love President Blair a lot :) We had to travel to Portsmouth for interviews and we also had a mix up with the smart phones so we spent a lot of the day there. Then Saturday and Sunday were conference, so I think that I might have spent more time proselyting in Manchester my first week than my actual area! 
Well I guess I'll tell you guys about about my area some more! My apartment is really small. There is 1 bedroom, 1 small bathroom, and 1combined kitchen and living area. It is quite small, but I don't actually mind it being small suprisingly! haha It was kinda really messy at first, but I have been cleaning up and it is smelling a lot better haha. The city of Rochester is average sized. Fun fact about Rochester, one year they set a record, that record was that on Lafayette Street there was at least one overdose every single day. On one street!! For a whole year!!! That is not the greatest statistic for a city haha. But so far I am really liking Rochester!
I will leave you with this. Conference is an amazing opportuity that we have. Where else, besides the scriptues, are we able to hear direct revelation for the church as a whole. Elder Andersen said in the final talk of conference that many people spend months or one person spent 25 years on a conference talk! I know that the words given, if prayerfully studied and pondered will bless all of our lives!
I love you all!
Elder Brown


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