September 19, 2017


Missionary Training Center - Provo, Utah


Elder Leavitt

Week 2! - Last full week in the MTC!

Hello Everyone!
First off, if anybody ever tells you that the MTC is not fun, then they must not be doing it right! But at the same time, if anybody ever tells you that the MTC is easy, then they must not be doing it right either! 
This week of the MTC has been full of awesome memories! The first is of mine and Elder Leavitt's TRC. Her name is Amanda. We were supposed to teach her on Monday of last week, but she didn't show up and she wasn't answering her phone so we didn't get to teach her the first day. Good thing that we got to see her on Wednesday though! The funny thing about Amanda was that I went to share a scripture with her (I have a Fiji scripture case) and then she asked where I got it so I told her about Braxton. I told her that he went to UVU and she is going to UVU so she asked what his instagram was and then she asked to follow him lol. I just found out that he accepted it too so that was a really good thing! I think it is really awesome and funny how we can connect to people just like that!
One of the many funny experiences this week is about the districts that left this past week. So we have like 5 districts in our hall and 3 of them left this week. So all of the Elders that were leaving brought all of their food out of their room and onto the table in the hall. Lets just say we had a huge mountain of food. One of the items of food in the mountain were two ghost peppers. Elder Schow (Our old Zone Leader) had gotten them from one of his friends. For those of you who don't know, the ghost pepper is somewhere in the top 10 of the hottest peppers in the world! So  you could probably guess what came next! We got a willing victim to eat it! As we were hyping him up to eat it, one of the elders from downstairs (they are from foreign areas like mexico, romania, whales) came and stole the pepper and ate it! He is a really small, funny guy from mexico, and we were all really worried about him! After some suffering, crying, and screaming, he finally settled down a little bit. After that settled down... We had one more pepper!!! The elder from Romania said that he was game to try it. So we got him ready and he ate it! He was a lot more animated when he ate it and was screaming and punching boxes and stuff! So overall, it was very interesting to watch them eat them and I will never eat one myself!!!
Sorry if this is really long, but I have one more funny story! So in one of the departing districts there is this elder named Elder Spector. He is this really big, really funny, whiter than white guy! But he speaks really good Korean! He would come into our room all of the time and I will add a picture of him at the bottom. For those that don't know about what happens when new people come into the MTC they wear an orange sticker and all of the other people always say "Welcome to the MTC!" So for us not being the newest bunch anymore, we got to say that to all of the new people! Even better than that, Elder Spector taught Elder Hoppie and I how to say it in Korean! So we went around the MTC campus welcoming everybody in Korean!! It was so funny because nobody could tell what we were saying!! So I know one sentence in Korean now! 
Well I leave the MTC on Monday! So the next email I send out will be from the New Hampshire Mission area!! I have learned so much at the MTC and I am so greatful for it!!
Elder Brown

1. District Picture outside of the temple this morning.2. Elder's in our district holding up our biggest member! (Which supprisingly isn't me!)3. These are the two Ghost pepper victims!4. Mirror Selfie by the Elder's of district 35-D!!5. Elder Spector


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