November 5, 2018



Hard but Good

First, I just want to congratulate myself for describing the mission in 3 words (see subject) haha. But in all seriousness this week was hard, but it was good.

So it all started when we were getting of a public shuttle, and I accidentally left my wallet on it. Bummer. I figured that out about 10 mins after we had gotten off and so the hunt was on. We called our zone leader and they hurried to get to a shuttle station to try to find the shuttle (which just happened to be a white van so yeah a real needle in a haystack) while we went out to the road to wait just in case the shuttle did one more run north to our area. While we were waiting I asked my companion Elder Ayade if we could pray to find my wallet. We said a prayer and continued searching, but we didn't find it that night and had to go home empty handed. The couple days, I felt probably more stressed than I felt in a long time. I knew that I needed to do a lot. Our area had been struggling, and I knew that the success in the work was upon our shoulders, and also I knew the fact that I lost my wallet in a foreign country. I prayed that as I really got out to work and focused on others, God would help me find my wallet. I strived to do so and guess what? My Zone Leader came back to our house that night and said that he couldn't find it. And then he proceeded to pull out my wallet out of his pocket haha. That day they had gone to the shuttle station in a neighboring city. After arriving a trike driver asked them if they were the ones looking for a wallet earlier. They, surprised, of course said yes and the trike driver lead them to the driver of the shuttle that had found my wallet. Miracles!

I know that God gives us experiences to build our faith. Sometimes these experiences are really hard and seem that God has abandoned us. But He will never abandon us. If you continue doing your best you will find:
"that all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good." (D&C 122:7)
So Keep it up, no matter what comes, because God knows what He's doing and He loves us.



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