February 9, 2022




Tik Tok

What is up everybody! Not a whole lot of new stuff this week. We have working a lot on Facebook and improving the work on it. It's actually pretty cool, a couple missionaries from.other missions have called us to get tips on their Facebook page. It's pretty fun and exciting, but usually the other Elder who has been here for a minute takes charge, but it's pretty cool to see.
Other than that, it's been a kind of bland week. We have met a lot of cool people, but a lot of them aren't answering the phone.We actually met this cool lady Kesha at Popeyes. She works the drive thru and when we call her she's like, "what's the sermon for today" so she's pretty sick! We stopped by again yesterday and gave her a Book of Mormon and she was so grateful for it. We are going to start reading it with her next time we call.
We've also been meeting more members recently and they are so cool! From what other missionaries have told me in the past, they have been reluctant to help missionaries in the past, but it seems like mission work is becoming a priority and it's awesome!
Quick thought, go read jacob 7. It's so good! Especially verse 5. Before sherem even talks with Jacob, Jacob already decided he is unshakeable and is not moving away from his testimony. So decide now, before trials come, that you won't be shaken!
Love you!- Elder Knudsen- giant gingerbread man- exchanges - our neighbor brought us cookies and milk- facebook call!


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