April 24, 2021




Chickity China, The Chinese Chicken

¡Qué tal todos! ¿Cómo están? ¡Podéis creerlo! Solamente una semana en el CCM antes de ir a Nashville. Estoy muy emocionado, pero nervioso también. ¡Estará muy bueno!
This week we built our vocabulary on a few things. We learned how to communicate things like cost, food and clothing, phone numbers and addresses, adding more to our testimonies, and explaining prayer and scriptures. We are adding a lot of tools to our belt and it is so great! It's crazy to think how much can be learned in such a short amount of time and it's amazing to be able to understand what is being said. I still talk slowly and, of course, still don't know everything, but it is so cool to feel improvement each week.
Today we also had another TRC and it went pretty well. We were able to talk and explain the scripture Moroni 7:33-34 and it felt good. However, the person we were teaching started talking super fast and we only picked up a few things. She read about faith in her scripture study this morning and it was about a woman, but that's all I got after she talked for about a minute. Besides that it went swimmingly and we only taught one person instead of two today, which I was happy about, but I definitely need the practice.
On Tuesdays we listen to devotionals specifically for missionaries and this week we were able to hear from Jeffery R. Holland. It was so good! He focused on the Holy Ghost and how The Spirit should be a companion ALWAYS. It is not a coat that you take out of your closet once in a while. It was super powerful. 
That's all for now folks!
 -Elder Knudsen
1. Donut Fried Chicken2. Some pretty cool chefs3. Raspberry cheesecake french toast


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