May 18, 2020


Twin Falls


Elder Mower

Transfer 14 (WEEK 2)

Oi! Happy Monday :) Well this was the first full week here in Twin! We stayed pretty busy with quite a few different quarantine approved activities. I also got to meet our main progressing investigator named Jorge over a video lesson. He is pretty solid young guy. We had the chance to get some fresh air and go on some hikes down in the canyon this week. It is so beautiful! Everything is greening up now that it is spring and the waterfalls are stunning. Friday we got to help out at the Twin Falls Temple and dig up some flowers to make room for new summer flowers to be planted! It was really nice and peacefully to be on the temple grounds for a few hours. The on Saturday we participated in probably the coolest service project I've ever done! We flipped, and branded about 130 cows! Some YSA members family farm gets help from lots of family and friends one day every year to get it out of the way. It was super cool to see the process. Super foreign to me but I loved it haha. I got to practice and flipped to cows over as they branded them! Won't ever forget it!
Something very simple yet very profound occupied my mind a lot this Sunday. Jesus did his part already. He has done everything necessary for us to gain salvation. I'd go as far to say as he has already saved us. But then this next part is what I had dwelt on. Although he has already saved us it is completely up to us to come unto him and accept the saving grace he affords us so freely. God lets us choose this! I find it so amazing and terrifying at the same time! It's so important that we comprehend the fact the salvation and conversion is something to personal, and it can only happen through our acts of faith. Simple, easy acts of faith! Well that's what was my mind most of yesterday. Hope y'all have the best week if your lives! :) 

Elder Angell


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