April 27, 2020

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Jarell Angell

Runnin Strong

Elder Angell-                              April 27, 2020

I can tell by all of the things you are posting and your awesome Bishop's youth discussion yesterday that you are still running strong! It's been fun to see you being more bold and vocal during your mission. As you were growing up you were a more soft spoken young man which was not a bad thing! It has been fun watching you grow during your mission and come in to your own man as your personality has developed more. It was interesting watching you yesterday as you spoke. I had some moments from my mother perspective where I could see you as you were when you were little with your beautiful bushy eyebrows and funny moments that made the family laugh. Then to see you there speaking to the youth, almost 20 and even more awesome eyebrows, it was fun to witness your growth and maturity. I've always thought you were an outstanding young man but to watch you yesterday just brought me so much joy to see you being bold in your testimony of Jesus Christ and your conviction of truth! Thank you for honoring your parents always and for your love and respect you show us and others around you. You continue to make us proud son! I'm certain your Father in Heaven is equally proud of you and your choices you've made through your life and during your mission.💗Sorry your baptisms didn't happen this past weekend. I will continue to pray for them! You still have time to get em dunked!! :)  Take them on a social distance picnic to the park and teach them there. Maybe you'll get them to commit that way. Here is a great scripture to share with them. Mosiah 16:9 and 16:12,13. Not to scare them but to let them know this is their opportunity in this life. They have heard the truth, they have been warned and they should not deny it. Maybe there is something there!?I think we'll see our economy opening back up this next week but we'll see. Hopefully it's not another month! I won't be going out though quite yet since I'm high risk. I'll have to wait a while before I'll feel comfortable going out with out a mask in public. Dad want's to go camping for mothers day so hopefully the campgrounds will be reopened!Looking forward to catching up on our phone call today. Have a rockin week!Love you so much buddy! 8 and 1/2 weeks,😀 but who's counting!? heheLove Mom💝


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