February 27, 2020


Pocatello Idaho


Elder Ferreira

Transfer 11 (WEEK 4)


Oi! I hope everyone week went swell. I'm grateful for this week! It's been weird because Idaho has hit a little bit of a warm spell and it's been in the lower 40's most of the week. It's been great. Pday we went roller blading as a zone activity at Deleta here in town. It was fun to mess around on the skates! We eat pizza after. The owners were so nice to let us take the place over for 1 hour. They were members too haha. We had dinner up Gwen hill every day this week so we trudged up and down it quite a bit! Friday was homemade pizza night with the Thomas family! It's and art that Bro Thomas has mastered! Rick Miller showed up to church for the first time in over a year! I can sincerely say he is one of the nicest guys I've ever met. He has such great intentions that are leading him to exercise GREAT faith! Also, London was baptised! He was super excited for his baptism and asked us every day we visited him how many days untill his baptism. Precious! Now everyone in the Colwell family are members! I love how the gospel can bring families together spiritually and for eternity! #Familiesareforever :) 
Gospel = Good news. That's it's definition. I read that in Malakais children's gospel story book this week. There is literally nothing negative in the gospel of christ. It's all for the best! Although it can be hard, repentance is an amazing freeing opportunity givin to all men and women. Commandments aren't made too limit us, but to strengthen us! I can go on and on. There's no negativity in the gospel. Only good vibes! Praying for a great week for everyone!✌

Elder Angell


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