January 20, 2020

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Dewey G Angell

Jan 20 2020

Hi Elder,I had a wonderful week. I was preparing for my sales meeting which always is a drain but it all works out in the end.I have a busy Monday/Today in order finish my prep for my presentations. You would have enjoyed some of the topics i have had to learn more about this week: recycling and is PET Plastic as recyclable as glass? A very bid initiative around the world is driving some commitments from manufactures to make packaging more re-usable and more recycle able. I talked to a lady last week for a company that was a lawyer and was speaking technically how their products were recycle able and were not and how they are working to make them more recycle friendly by 2025 which is a global goal. I thought of you during the discussion. 
I keep having and seeing others have little miracles in their lives. It is fun to be able to recognize the Lord's hand. One was Sister Runchel was diagnosed for having breast cancer just within the last few week. She has been teaching seminary. Her health has never been really good and some asked why we called her to be a co-seminary teacher. She has been teaching since August. Well with her health, she now needs to be released. It was clear in her blessing and her feelings that she needed to be a seminary teacher until now so she would study the scriptures and build her faith. That was one of the reasons among I am sure many why she was called for this short period of time. The Lord knows the future for each of us. 
I thought of you also when I was listening to a BYU talk called "Reflections and Resolutions" by Russell M Nelson form Jan 7, 1990. If you can find this talk, maybe down load it onto your music player, listen too it. You will enjoy it. 
Well I need to go. I have much work to do. Have good day.
Love ya son,


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