December 23, 2019


Pocatello Idaho


Elder Ferreira

Transfer 10 (WEEK 5)

A great week in the IPM (Idaho pocatello miss)! This week was crazy to say the least. Our trio finally ended on Wednesday night. It was fun while it lasted. So we had a little emergency transfer Wednesday night to give Elder Vaea and I comps. So Elder Veae sadly was moved very far away to the neighboring area, in the same stake haha. At least till the end of this transfer. It was kind of sad honestly because he has been one of my favorite companions. We had a great time and learned a lot together! My new comp is Elder Ferriera! He has been out 4 months. Super cool guy. He's from Arizona. On Wednesday we went to the Idaho falls temple as a district! I loved it. It was so beautiful. It's such an assume privilege I'm grateful to have. Then on Friday Elder Ferreira and I returned to his old area (with permission :) ) to twin falls to visit a recent concert of his. I also got to see the Twin Falls temple there. It was beautiful! Saturday we had the mission Christmas conference with special guest David Archuleta. I think it's crazy cool the mission got him to come perform for us and share his testimony with us. He really does have an amazing voice. I managed to snag a little picture of him singing. Also, Jade was baptized yesterday! It's been a long time coming! :) She has been waiting over a year to accomplish this desire of hers. I know she will be eternally blessed. Over 100 family and friends showed up to support her. It was such a special and very spiritual baptism. MIRICALS! 
I recently read a quote in a members house that has stuck with me for a while. It was by Abraham Lincoln and it refers to the importance of prayer. Its goes "In my life I have often found myself on my knees, because I came to the conclusion that I had nowhere else to go." This quote struck me. We are helpless without god. Sometimes when we have a problem we can not find a solution to, pray! In fact we should pray before we become so desperate for help and needy. God loves us. He wants to hear us speak to him. The power of prayer is unreal :) 
Elder Angell


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