December 22, 2019

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Dewey G Angell

Great week

Hi Elder Angell,How is your week going? Looking forward to hearing how your new companionship is going and if you had any more baptisms. This was a very good week. I had a chance to go to the temple with 17 youth. Some YW included Natasha and a few deacons acted as witnesses at the font. That was cool to watch. I gave a YW 12 yrs old her first temple recommend because her mom decided to start coming back to church last week for the first time in  along time. The youth are just incredible right now. I had a good experience with Lara in the temple. You will have to ask her about her experience if she has not told you already. 
It was good to get to know her. She has been grown up in such a different environment as you know. She has a strong desire to better herself. I respect her for her hard work ethic. I had some good talks with her. I encouraged her to go on her mission after you come back, like in November. I hope she will go home and work that out with her family and priesthood leaders. I suggest you encourage her to do so.  Mom and I told her we could be out there the first of Oct to take her through the Rio temple and mom could be her escort. She did not know exactly what that meant but I told her about it. 
We can talk more about my interaction with her when we talk. Were you real surprised? It looked like it from your reaction.   
Today was a good Sunday. I spoke and felt it went well. I spoke about the Wise men and referenced they were Jews who read the scriptures. There ended up being two Jewish non members in the audience today. Kind of cool. 
I also took Alex Johnson, my 1st assistant, out to delivery gifts tonight. That was good fun also. 
One of the temple presidency members called me this week on a topic and asked if you were my son. He said you were a great YM and served well in the Temple. I am proud of your service. 
Well, i look forward to talking to you this week.
Take care.  
Love ya


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