November 18, 2019


Pocatello Idaho


Elder Vaea

Transfer 9 (WEEK 6)

HIGHLIGHTS (& transfer news below)

Hello! Hopefully everyone's week went weel :) I liked this week a lot. Like I said last week, we had zone conference on Monday. That moved our P-day to Tuesday. P-day was nice. We had a great morning workout then went on a quick hike as a district. We actually happened to have a lesson planned for tuesday with Sister Guzman. We ended up teaching her and reading the Book of Mormon with her. I had actually found her after church one Sunday and told her I felt the need to talk to her. She Thanked me on Tuesday for saying that and that no one from the church has been visiting her and that she needed us. That made me happy! Thanks holy ghost :) Thursday was great because we went out with a future missionary from our ward named Matthew. He is a stud! We taught Jade the Plan of Salv with him and he really helped draw the spirit in. We also went out all day with him on Friday too! He is so anxious to head out. He will be a great missionary. We got transfer news this week. Luckily nothing is changing for Elder v and I!
The picture attach is a quote by Jospeh F. Smith about patience. Patience is such a valuable attribute of christ. I feel like the big important things in life go and come at God's pace. Like growing up, relationships with friends and family, my visa (haha) ect. If we can do everything we can to do what is right at the right times, when we get what we truly desire it is so worth it. Especially in the US, we live in a NOW society. We want everything now without exceptions. Some things are up to god. I find peace in knowing that. :)
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