December 2, 2019


Pocatello Idaho


Elder Vaea

Transfer 10 (WEEK 1)

Hello! I hope everyone is doing just wonderful :) I really enjoyed this first week of the transfer. Elder Vaea and I made a bunch of new plans and goals. We feel this transfer will be one to remember! I keep wondering if I'll be here to finish this transfer up or not. It all depends on my Visa. The sun was out 6 days this week and it made me so happy. I love it when the sun is out during the winter. On Tuesday I went on exchanges with Elder Gurrero to his area. We had a great time together! That day we had a service project at a theater called Palace Playhouse where they have love shows all the time! We helped paint the set for the new Polar Express play coming out in a few weeks. A super friendly member named Sister Woolly was kind enough to cut my hair this week! Elder Vaea and I have been walking a LOT lately. I feel like I'm in Brasil again and I love it.  Walking home from church yesterday I saw the biggest buck I've ever seen! He just stared at us for 10 minutes haha. We had the opportunity to teach a very cool family from Jamaica this week as well! The mom has been a member since she was 21, but her two daughters are not members yet. They were super kind funny. We joked around a lot but also had a very spiritual lesson with them. They all showed up to church yesterday as well! Lexy was at church too! Great week. 

This week is Thanksgiving, so I'm just going to express some gratitude 😁🦃 I'm so grateful for this amazing journey called life! I am so lucky for all the blessing god has just handed me. My amazing family and friends. The chance I have to serve the lord out her is spudland, and Rio as well. I love all the ups and downs of life. It would be so boring without them! Alma 34: 32 says a bit about the purpose of our lives. "This life is the time for men to prepare to meet god." I hope to be prepared and grateful enough for everything he has given me when I finally do meet him face to face. 
1- Alma 34: 322- The big buck we saw3- Playing with the props for the play


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