October 14, 2019


Pocatello Idaho


Elder Vaea

Transfer 9 (WEEK 1)

Hey everyone! It's been a while haha. I'm super grateful God has allowed me to heal so fast and for the opportunity to serve again.  What a week it has been. It feels so nice to be back in missionary mode! I really missed it with all my heart. This first week's been really great! Here's a few things though. I'm in the Pocatello central stake. So right down town. President was going to send me to twin falls but received revelation that I needed to go here. Excited to be here. I'm determined to find out my purpose as a servant of the lord while I'm here. My comp ( Elder Vaea) is from Portland, OR, but originally from the Tongan Isalands. He's super cool! He's been out 9 months. There was a blizzard on Wednesday when I got here. It was a nice cold punch in the face Haha. 

This past conference I really enjoyed Elder Uchtdorfs talk titled "Your Great Adventure." He said "we also knew that we would gain precious treasures, including a physical body and experiencing the intense joys and sorrows of mortality. We would learn to strive, to seek, and to struggle. We would discover truths about God and ourselves." Through life we learn that God is there for us and really loves us in all we go through. He loves us through our difficulties, our complaining to him, our blaming him, and anything we throw his way. His love is eternal. It is up to us to find and realize this in our lives. I hope everyone has an excellent week! Love you all :)
Elder Angell


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