October 28, 2019


Pocatello Idaho


Elder Vaea

Transfer 9 (WEEK 3)

Hello my friends and family! I love incredible weeks like this one I've had. This week we helped Jade and Lexi progress even more. Tuesday we had a bom lesson with Jade and we all felt the spirit strongly I think. Her inactive husband (who has also served a mission) listened in and he looked like he had felt something. He had gotten up and left at one point, then came back a bit later. We are thinking she is super solid. Lexi made some progress too. She loves learning, but she is definitely at a hard point in her life right now. She just had hand surgery and is recovering from addiction so she isn't taking any pain pills for recovery and she is in pain. On top of that she has two super cute twins,which also demand a lot of her attention. Oh yeah she's also looking for a job! Keep her in your prayers please. This week we will be staring the Stop Smoking program with her. We will see how it goes. Wednesday night Elder Vaea hurt his knee pretty bad running while playing two hand touch rugby with some investigators. So he has been on crutches actually since then. We are trying our best to be productive but it is hard without a car on crutches in a hilly area. Everything takes about 5 times longer. But we are still finding ways to spread the gospel despite it :) it's been snowing a little and getting colder. Saturday we had the opportunity to watch the little league superbowl at the ISU stadium to give and support one of Elder Vaea's past investigators. Also, I have an update in the bet I made with james that I'd gain 10 pounds while I'm here in ID. I weighed my self and I have officially gained 5 pounds of muscle! We've been going to a member's house where he had a nice gym in his garage. Making gainz on the miss! Also I eat Mexican food at least once a day generally...
I found a cool verse that j never new existed this week! It's John 16:22 which goes "And ye now therefore have sorrow: but I will see you again, and your heart shall rejoice, and your joy no man taketh from you." When I read this verse I think it explains that god intends for us to go through all sorts of states of being in life. Happiness, sadness, emptiness, fullness of gratitude, ect, are all part of life. I've found that a fulfilling life doesn't necessarily mean being happy 100% of the time. That's not feasible. My point isn't to be insensitive and say that life sucks, because it's quite the opposite. Life is an amazing opportunity in so many ways. Physical, mental, spiritual, ect. When we come to understand that God actually hopes we go through all the emotions of life we learn to appreciate the joy in living a righteous life, when we do eventually feel it (joy)! I hope some of this came through clearly haha. I wish everyone has an amazing week. Find a way to be a missionary and share the gospel! God will be smiling. Love y'all
Elder Angell :) 
1- Elder Vaea on crutches 
2- A pretty view near Gibson Jack3- The little League SuperBowl4- Pictures of mom in dad in high school from a yearbook at a member's home 5 & 6- Road side photoshoot 


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