October 21, 2019


Pocatello Idaho


Elder Vaea

Transfer 9 (WEEK 2)

Hey there! I hope everyone's week was super snazzy. This week was excellent out her in Poky town! I am starting to realize how this mission works now. There are just so many differences in the this mission that I am having to adjust. I am really enjoying it. It's been interesting expressing more deeply my spiritual beliefs in English which I guess I have never done so much. I find my self searching for church terms in English as they come to me in portuguese sometimes. Our two main investigators are Jade and Lexi. Both are progressing well. Both have a ton of potential and have a lot of desire. We are trying to help Lexi stop smoking. We are trying to communicate to here that through her faith in christ and reading the bom she will have more strength to resist the temptation to smoke. I know she can do it if she really wants :) Also we are helping a struggling member named James and his son. He is so cool! We walk with him every morning as he is trying to do some exercise every day. I told him I have a goal here in Pocatello to get stronger and gain some weight, and he made a crazy bet with me. He said he would gain me 10 pounds in the time I'm here in Pocatello. Maybe I'm faithless, but I'll believe it when I see it haha. But I took the bet and now we are eating lunch with him multiple times a week. We think it's a good way to help a struggling member while we can always through a spiritual note into every visit. 
Speaking of spiritual note, here's a thought for you. Galations 6:2  is a very short and simple verse which says "Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ." I love short and simple bangers like this because they get to the point and you can expound on the personally. How can we bear one another's burdens? Why should we? I think of Christ's first commandment when I read this verse. "Love thy neighbor like you love yourself" when we mourn with those who mourn, we are taking the focus off of our selves and our problems to others. Then we are fulfilling this commandment. When we have a charitable heart we will help others regardless of the inconvenience. I sometimes wish to be easier going and forget the inconvenience sometimes. I guess this is something I need to work on personally. But really what this verse is trying to say is help one another when you realize one is struggling. Lift them up. Encourage them. Make them laugh. Do everything in your power to make their day a little better. Love you all and if you read this far have a great week!
Pics 1- Video calling Mariah and her new cutie Baby Collins!2- The Pocatello Idaho temple sight3- Just a photogenic and posed shot Elder Gerreiro took of us in a Ramen restaurant4- A cooo tunnel in downtown Poky


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