July 8, 2019




Elder Silva

Transfer 8 (WEEK 1)

Hey there everyone! Transfers are always exciting! I´ll talk about them at the bottom. Today I would just like to spread my love for The Book of Mormon. The bomis such a gem. How many books invite you to be a better person, forever?  How many boks can say they are the most correct book ever written? Only one. The bookof mormon was written bymen of god for our time. For 2019. Although it uses formal language froma long time ago, the principles it teachers will be true forever. Side by sid ethe bible we have the fulnessof truth. It´s like a cake. If I am really really hungery and I can choose between one peice of cake or the entire cake,I´m going to choose the entire cake. The Book of Mormon is the other peice of cake. I hope my example made sense haha. I just want to invite anyone, member or not,who hasn´t read or prayed about the book of mormon to do so. This is part of what we, as missionaries, have been doing for so many years. To invite others to read and pray to gain a testimony of it´s truthfulness. 
So lets get to transfers! I´m staying wiht my son! 3 transfers with him will be great. We are both super happy. I´m happy that I at least getto stay in Fonseca. I didn´t want to leave yet. I´malso the new district leader here. So that will be interesting! Our district has 4 Sisters and 4 Elders. It should be a great transferencia full of Personal growth and challenges! Elder Ty and Silveira, who we lived with were transfered out. So now it´s our job to show them around the area a bit. Also, Ana Luisa, who is part of Marianas family, marked her baptismal date finally. I think something in church this week finally helped her choose! We´ll see what happens! Well that was my week basically. Have a great week everyone! 

Elder Angell


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