June 17, 2019




Elder Silva

Transfer 7 (WEEK 4)

Wow what a crazyyy good week! At times I wonder how I got so lucky to be a missionary. Today I´d like to discuss about justice and mercy. So we know that god is perfect like his son Jesus Christ. His plan is perfect as well. So perfect that when we do things wrong there exists a way to be forgiven. We know that through the atonment of christ we can be forgiven of our sins. It´s a gift that has been given to us through sending Jeusus christ here to pay for our sins. When it comes to temperal things, there exists two JUST ways to gain new things. You can buy things using money, or credit. Or you can trade something and gain something of equal value. But what happens when you need something really badly and you have neither money, credit, or something to trade? What happens when you have something very heavy waying you down like sin? President Boyd K. Packer said   "By eternal law, mercy cannot be extended unless there be one who is both willing and able to assume our debt and pay the price and arrange the terms for our redemption."
The one who pays the price of sin for us (the mediator) is jesus christ. His mercy is endless. I love gods plan so much! 
This week was super interesting. Elder Silva and I tried hard to find new eleitasos (great investigators) and we think we´ve found 2. Nalva and Samara. Both are progressing well. We´ll follow up with them this week. Sunday was excellent. Sunday is my favorite day of the week. It´s where you can see the fruits of your labors. Maria Eduards, a recent convert gave a talk for the first time in sacrament meeting! it was about free agency. She is growing a strong testimony. She´s powerful! Thursday we went on splits as Elder Ty, our district leader did a baptismal interview for the Sister missionaies. It was good to go with him for the dy. I always learn new tactics during splits. Also, I forgot to mention, last week week I hit 10 months on the mission! It goes by fast. Well that was my week. Make the best of this week everyone! Love ya all. 
Elder Angell


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