June 10, 2019




Elder Silva

Transfer 7 (WEEK 3)

Happy Monday everyone! When you look at the scripture study guide in the back of the Book of Mormon and go to Endure, there are 4 "synonyms." Adversity, Patience, Temptation, and try. 4 words that are quite different but when you think of them in the context of endurance they go quite well together. We all inevitably will experience adversity in our lives and it´s important hat we endure with faith through them and in the end god will bless us. When we are enduring through anything in our lives if we don´t have patience without a doubt we will give up before the end. It is important that we righteously endure in the fight against temptation. I see this is really important here in Rio...Then we have the word "try." If our goal is to get to the end or finish something, you need to start eventually. You need to try. Trying your best to live the gospel standards is a sign of your faith. God is pleased with us when he sees us trying to live the commandments he gave to protect us. 

This week was a good week. We are trying our best to help Mariana and her family to feel more integrated in the church. They were at church this Sunday again. We had 2 family home evenings in her house this week. Ana Luisa (the oldest) who is not baptized yet is progressing a lot :) She is praying in front of us now, and likes reading the Book of Mormon with us. Our group of solid investigators is a bit smaller now so this week we will work to find some new ELEITASOS! We made hamburgers 2 times for lunch this week. We are becoming master chefs! haha. I wish everyone a great week! Go serve your neighbor!

Elder Angell


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