June 3, 2019




Elder Silva

Transfer 7 (WEEK 2)

Hello world! What a crazy busy awesome week it has been. Before I get to everything I´d like to talk about the devine exaple of Jesus Christ. This week I added some pictures of Jesus into my Book of Mormon that I carry with me everywhere and to teach with. I put them in because he really is a central point to the book of mormon. My comp Elder Silva is marking every time The Book of mormon says or refers to Christ. Doctrine and Coventants 110:3-4 explains that Chrsit was prepared before the foundation of the world to come and complete his purpose. There is one thing that he did jsut so well. He loved his neighbor. An invesigator of ours named Rogélio said to us "I can sum up the gospel of Jesus Christ in one word, "LOVE." Jesus never abandond his friend, or neighbor. He was always ther for others, untill today he´s still here for us. If we have faith in him we will try to fallow his example and not descirminate against others because of anything. We just need to love. It´s that simple really. We´ll I really liked what our investigator Rogélio said and wanted to base this small message of it. I´d liek to challenge everyone to look up love, in the bible dictionary then this week really focus on being kind and loving to others around you. 
Well, I am happy about this week. I get some antibiotica and some other drugs and I´m feeling a lot better. The antibiotics are making me tired though haha. This week we spent a lot of time preparing Mariana and her fam for baptism on Saturday! We taught everything some little things that we thought needed clarification, and resolved any questions of theres. Then Thursday our zone leaders Elder Brown and Elder Cela interviewed everyone! The interviews took like 4 1/2 hours but they all went well! Friday we had zone conference in Alcantara and it was so good. All of us from Fonseca (Elder Sila, Silveira, Ty, and I) made camoflouge ties and wore them. We thought they were pretty cool! It was good to see some old friends. 2 of my past companions (Elder Carter,and Soares) were there. Then Saturday arrived! I was so nervous all day that something would go wrong. I don´t know why but the entire dy I was worried. But at 6pm Mariana, Ana Clara, Norma, and Marlon Pedro were baptised! It wass such a happy baptism! They are a wonderful complicated family haha! Elder Silva and I are extremely happy for them. Sunday we went to walk to church with them, then it started pouring rain on the way to church! There dog also followed us to chruch. Their makup started running and everyone was soaking wet by the time we got to church 20 minutes later. But hey! I think my future wife will be prettier now. There´s a joke as missionaries that the more you walk in the rain the pretty your future wife will be lol. But in the end everyone was confirmed too! Sunday night we went to a less active family´s house top have family home evening, then we ate brownies and drank Guarana. Well this was my week! Best of luck to everyone! Love you all. 

Elder Angell


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