April 8, 2019




Elder Soares

Week 1 transfer 6

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been horrible writing letters these past few months. I´m going to get back into it. First lets get to the spiritual thought. Saturday and sunday I had the great privilegde of watching genrsal conference in the stake center here in Andaraí! I was super excited for conference I barely slept friday night. I think this is such an exciting time to be a member. I loved hereing our beloved apostles and leaders speak. Out of the 4 sessions, I pérsonally saw 2 main topics that many talks happened to connect together. 1. The importance of the gospel in the home. talk after talk focused on how the gospel of Jesus christ blesses fami8lies and protects them from the confusion of the world. I liked how Elder Rasband said "A christ centered home is like a fortress against the evils of the world." I definatly will use this when I teach. 2. The necessity and sacredness of temples. I really love the clarity I have now about what I should and shouldn´t say when presented with dificult questions related to the temple. The church even has all the important infoirmation on their website that simply and clearly describes many common questons. Also mentioned many times were the necessity of the ordinances done in temples. These ordibnances are sacred and essnsial to receive eternal life. As I am here in the misssion, I am really feeling the absence of the temple in my life. Well this was the jist of what I learned and thought about conference. I hope everyone enjoyed it. If you haven´t listen of watched all of them yet I highly recommend you do so. The words that were spoken are ment especially for us today.

UPDATES: This week we recaived transfer calls. I will stay in Méier for the 4th transfer! 6 months whoohoo! A fourth of my mission. I´m alright with it though because this ward is awesome and we still have some investigators with potential. Right now I am still with Elder Carter from Island Park Idaho. Right next to Yellowstone. He has been out for 1 year and 1 month. I really settled in here now. I know our entire area well, and the members in our ward too. The youth here are the best. Right now we are working in a favela called "Lins." We are focusuing on 4-5 youth that are not members but htey play soccer at our church building 2 times every week. They were all at church 2 weeks ago. WE just have to get to know there parents now. Right now I am reading the book "Saints" for the second time. I feel a really special connction with this book and it built my testimony a ton. Well, I need to go now. I hope evryone has a great week and is doing well! Tchau!

-Elder Angell


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