February 25, 2019




Elder Soares

Transfer 4 (week 6)

Hey everyone! Sorry about last week I didn´t have much time so I didn´t get to send a group email. But I can today! So, for the spiritual thought this week I focused a lot on the restoration. I had the opportunity to watch the restoration movie 2 times, and the newer first vision video 2 times this week with members. It just ended up being like that. I always loved these 2 videos. The new first vision video is excellent and I always feel the spirit super strong when I watch it. Every time. I am so grateful for the prophet Joseph Smith and the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I long for the amount of faith he had. He is a motivation to me to be a better missionary. If it weren´t for his faith, and the faith of the early saints, the world world would still be left without modern revelation. I just wanted to share my small testimony about this.

This week was great! This week we changed out area of concentration to another hill community called "Boca do Mato." We have been working at the bottom this weekend knocking doors. Our main investigator Helens, who owns a clothing construction shop, came to church on sunday finally! We have taught her everything we have just been trying to get her intoi church. I think she liked it. We will talk with her more this week. P-day we went hiking! We went to the "Pedra da Bonita! trail. On top you could see the Rio south mission, and tons of beaches. It was only an easy 30 minute hike. Then we ate 1 liter of Açai! Definitely worth it. But, I used my chacos and I think I got some type of Brazilian Poison Ivy on my right foot but it´s all good. It´s getting better already. Anyways this week was good! Hope everyone is living the dream!

Elder Angell


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