February 11, 2019




Elder Soares

Transfer 4 (week 4)

Today there are currently 67,049 missionaries serving throughout the world. Called by a prophet of god, these elders and sisters serve faithfully everyday to invite people unto christ. In Helaman 5 Nephi and Lehi dedicated themselves to missionary work. They werent nessesarily called to the work for two years. Verse 4 says that Nephi "took it upon him to preach the word of god all the remainder of his days, and his brother Lehi also, all the remainder of his days." We can think of members of the here. You don´t need a name tag to be a missionary every day. Members can and should be missionaries too. If members take upon themselves missionary work and activly share the gospel with their friends, their faith will grow substancially as they see the gospel light the lives of others. 
This week was gloriously cooler! God poored beloved rain upon us for 3 days haha. We slept great as things cooled down a lot.Monday for p-day we played basketball and vollyball with our district at the Andaraí stake center. Basketball in the rain was awesome haha. But this week we decided to move to a new area of concentration. The past transfer we have been focusing on the comarista community, but only have worked on the bottom main part. Now pretty much everyone there knows who we are and our purpose. Now, we are focusing higher up on the second half of the community. Our legs don´t like the new plan but we have hope there are people waiting for us there. We´ve found some cool people there and now we just need to do our part and help them progress. Sadly we had to cut ties with Amanda because she was very direct and said she didn´t want to hear from us anymore. Well, we did our part there. Hope everyone has an excellent week! Vai com Deus!
Elder Angell


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