February 4, 2019




Elder Soares

Transfer 4 (week 3)

Boa tarde todo o mundo! Today I`d like to focus on one more attribute of christ, charity. Preach My Gospel says "Charity is a gift from god. The prophet Mormon said that we should "Pray unto the father with all energy of heart, that we may be filled with this love (Moroni 7:48)." But what makes charity so important? Charity is the pure love of christ. Charity is serving others out of the goodness of our hearts, and not expecting anything in return. It´s those who are the most chritable throughout life who have a special place reserved for them after this life. As we continually seek everyday for opportunitie to serve others we wll develope this attribute to bless our lives and others. 
This week was interesting. Killer hot again haha. One day I forgot my sunglasses and my eyes were hurting from squinting all day long. Not going to do that again haha. Our zone has been having really great success the past 2 transfers. Thursday was very interesting. We visited Amandas house and her mom said she took all her stuff wednesday night and left to a family members house not far away. We then went there and found her. She said that her family and mom want her to go to their other evangelical chruch and she said she wouldnt because she doesn´t feel welcome there. She also said she was less excited about baptism and wanted to change her date. We talked with her and shared a few scriptures (Ether 2:27, and 2nd Nephi 32:5). After she was more calm and said she didn´t want to change her baptism date, which was this saturday. We tried visiting her Friday, and nothing. Saturday we tried again before her baptism, and nothing. She didn´t show up. We were a little sad, but it happens. We will try and visit her this week. But other than that this week was pretty good. Hope everyone has a great week!
Elder Angell


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