January 28, 2019




Elder Soares

Transfer 4 (semana 2)

What´s up! Many people agree that the traditional family is under attack now days. Unified, close-knit families are getting harder and harder to find. Certainly not all families are the same and some have unique situatons, but many worldy distractions are hindering relatonships, and ultimatly the salvaton of some families. There is a scripture that explains one simple way we can grow closer as families to god, 3rd Nephi 18: 21 says "Pray in your families unto the father, always in my name, that your wives and your children may be blest.” With the intensified focus on families in the church lately, the least we can do is pray as a family every day. This should be the most basic principle of a family every day. Neglecting to do this is neglecting opportunities for needed blessings. Constantly remembering and thanking god for the blessings in our lives will help families continue strong in one faith and purpose. 
2 month of the transfer already! wow time is going by quickly. This week was excellent. On tuesday we had district meeting and met our new district leader Elder Metikingi from New Zealand. He is pretty awesome. Tuesday we talked with our investigator Amanda who has been progressing great and she accepted to be baptized this saturday! She was at church again this sunday. At first she said she wasn´t ready but then we explained a few things and about the importance of a correct baptism and how our churhc has authority to baptize and then she accepted. She also went to a churhc activity for youth we didnt even know abaout. She is liking the church a lot. Sunday Mayara was baptized! Finally! We worked with her a LOT after she made a goal for baptism and she felt ready and she went for it. The baptisimal meeting was great too. All the youth in the ward made a little choir and sang "I am a child of god for her." She was super happy. It was a special baptism. Her cousin Raisa wasn´t able to be baptized though. Her mom wouldnt let her. We are going to try and talk to her mom, but if not she can when she is 18! Thursday we went on division and I stayed the night in the Ld´s area in Tijuca, while he interviewed Raisia and Amanda. They both passed, but we already know what happend with Raisia...Wow Tijuca is cool, and I think difficult to work in. It´s all apartment buildings except one community way up high in the mountains. Thats where we worked. I was with Elder Masapanta from Ecuador. He´s super cool. This community ( I forgot the name) Is so high up that if you want you can pay $R1 to take a VW to the top and to return to the bottom. The views were super great. Took a few photos. Anyways I wrote a lot this week but this week was steller. Have a good one! Tchau!

Elder Angell


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