January 27, 2019

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Jarell Angell

On My Back

So I am literally laying on my back for 3 weeks.  I can sit up for 15 minutes at a time to go to the bathroom and to eat and then it's back in the recliner or flat on my back on the couch or my bed. The surgery went as planned. They cut an inch and a 1/2 incision on my lower back pulled my muscles apart and drilled a hole a little smaller than a dime through the vertebrae to get to the bone spur. They cut out the spur and the closed me back up. It's hard getting in to bed by myself and I can't sit down or bend at all to pull up my pants.  I'm so thankful that I was able to have the surgery and to be able to move forward with my health. We flew aunt Janyce out to take care of me because everyone is gone during the day and I need care. That's how my week went how was yours? Probably considerably better than mine! Haha I knew you were praying for me so thank you!❤ I'm glad to hear your people are progressing! It was so good to hear that you have two other elders in your apartment! Glad you like elder Soares and that you are learning to be patient with him.  How was Mayara's baptism? I was so happy to hear she was getting baptized! Good to hear Raisa can be baptized too!Sounds like you have a great pool of investigators! Oh man I can't believe you had an avacado shake those were so nasty! Haha I'd be so thirsty and then I'd have to choke an avacado shake down. Eww not a fan. Do you like Gradana?Well time for my meds! Love you son have a great week!!Love mom!💕


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