January 21, 2019




Elder Soares

Transfer 4 (Semana 1)

Hey FRIENDS and fam! Today E´d like to talk about something everyone needs...friends. A life without friends would be difficult. If you have good friends they can help you through hard times and give you good advice. Life is certainly more humorous with friends. There exists one person who, if we want, will be our best friend in life and be there whenver we needs him. Or whenever we feel alone. John 15:14 says "Ye are my friends if you do whatsoever I command." These are the words of Christ. He is always waiting, and here in Rio de Janeiro especially with the christ statue, with outstretched arms ready to embrace you. We just need to follow his commandments. Obedience to the commandments of god will bring more peace in our life and we will feel the ligh (our friendship) of christ. Don´t let one little commandment ruin an eternal friendship. 
Wow! this week was cool. Elder soares and I have been working a lot in a favela community named Camarista. We´ve almost exhausted the area. Everyone knows who we are now haha, but we´ve got some excellent investigators. We’ve been teaching a cool family with a mom named Alini, 2 daughters, one named Amanda with 18 years, and Maria-eduarda with 21 years. We taught them a few times this week and ALini already said she knows The Book of Mormon is true! But I dont think she is married and she lives with someone, we will see with her and maria. We have the most hope for Amanda. She went to church with us this Sunday. We brought Amanda and Mayara (with 12 years) to chruch. One investigator of the other missionaries in our wards already knew Amanda and they were really good friends. I don´t think that was a coincidence. This saturday we will baptize Mayara. She is very excited and loves the church! She passed the baptismal interview Sunday. This week I found a great juice place and drank a lot. I had Tangerine juice, a coconut, a Kiwi smoothie, and an avacado (don´t judge) smoothie too throughout the span of the week. It is so hot so you´ve got to stay hydrated. Well that was my week. Hope everyone makes this next week great!

Elder Angell


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