January 14, 2019


Rio de Janeiro,,Brazil


Elder Soares

Elder Angell

Hey that quote is great. I use this scripture when teaching the plan of salvation. This week 2 cousins accpeted baptism for later this month and we really had to work on one of them. I didnt thinkshe would say yes after explainging to her for 20 minutes why she should be baptized. Then a clear little idea came to my mind. I told her lets make a goal to be baptized on the 27th,a nd we are going to visit her every day she is available (almost every day) and clear any of her questions and doubts, and if she feels ready she will be baptized then. She said yes, and her cousin too! We will see what happens now. The companionship is mas ou menos. I like Elder Soares but he is the most pessamistic person i´ve ever met. seriously it drags me down at times. But I decided i wont let his attitude change mine. Have a great week sis! I love youuuu!

On Mon, Jan 14, 2019 at 1:10 PM Mariah Angell <> wrote:

Buenos dias Elder!

Hope you had a fantastic week Truman. What was one
miracle you saw this week?

Attached is the new quote hanging in our room that
I wanted to send to you. I've been pondering this
quote all week and what it really means to serve
the Lord. You can serve him in many aspects of
your life!

Hope your companionship it's going well so far.
Love you bro,


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