January 14, 2019




Elder Soares

Transfer 3 (week 5)

Good afternoon! Lately I´ve been reading a lot of a book called Jesus The Christ. One part I found interesting was when christ gave the sermon on the mount, he talked of "Treasures of the earth and of heaven." He talked how material wealth, such as fancy cloths, houses, cars, ect, are prone to rust, or eventually wither away. Jesus said "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." More precious than material things is "a life well spent, the wealth of good deeds." These things are kept in heaven forever. Safe and kept away from corrosion. Waiting for you for after this life. What christ explained is true. True joy in life will come from serving others, and building good relationships. On the mission I really have found this to be true. 

This week was crazy! We have really been focusing on 2 cousins this week. Mayara and Raisa. Mayara is 12, and Raisa is 8. They both live together and have been taught by other missionaries but never have been baptized or anything. Mayara has been to church 5 times. Our mission has really been focusing on baptizing converts, and I truly feel they are elites. Their quality of life isnt the best, and I know baptism and the church can help. We met with them 3 times this week. Saturday we invited them to be baptized. Raisa said yes, but Mayara was a little more difficult. She wants to be able to go to church every sunday but she doestn have lots of money or ways to got. We explained to her that god knows the intentions of her heart and won´t blame her for her circumstances. After soem time she accepted to be baptized on the 27th of January with Raisa. We just have to talk to the mom of Raisa (yikes). I´ve heard she isnt the most easy going. We will see. But this week was salid. Friday I went on splits with the LD, I learned a lot from him. Sunday President Kern went to our church for some reason haha. But it was good to see him. Not much more to say this week. Have a great week! love ya all.
Elder Angell


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