January 8, 2019




Elder Soares

Transfer 3 (Week 4)

Today I´ve got a topic in mind that if i´m beng honest, is pretty important. HONESTY (haha). Alma 27:27 talks about the Anti-Neph-lehits and chracterises them as "distinguished for their zeal towards god, and also towards men, for they were perfectly honest and upright in all things; and they were firm in the faith of christ, even unto the end." These peoplle truely were exceptional in many ways. But what set them apart was that they were "perfectly honest" to god and to all men. They chose to be honest always. They were honest to god and christ because they had testimonies of their divine power., so they were firm in their faith. The term "perfectly honest" is a little daunting. What does it mean exactly? You can be honest in everything you do and say here on earth, but does that mean you are perfectly honest. According to this verse no. Being perfectly honest includes acknowledging Jesus as your savior, and doing the little things such as repentance and continually coming unto christ evry day. When youcombine worldly honesty, and honesty to god, only then you can be perfectly honest. 
This week was rad. We really got to know our area.This area reallyis more dangerous than my last, even though its nicer. WE had Brazilian barbeque 3 times this week with members, and will today too with Jo, who we baptized last week. People here are more rico (rich), and like to spoil the missionaries. That´s fine by me! The new year was great, we had it at a members house. This week was the hottest of al. I´ve been using sun glasses because with the concrete, sun, and heat, it is incredibly bright. But this week ws great. We worked well and invited 2 people, Jennifer and Juilio-Cesar to be baptized. Both accepted. WE will be working with them now. Have a great week everyone!
Dewey Angell


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