January 1, 2019




Elder Soares

Transfer 3 (week 3)

Hey friends and fam! I hope everyone had a great christmas. I`´d like to talk about how if we want to improve as individuals, and see miricals in our lives this next year, how we can do just that. Mosiah 8-18 says "This god has provided a means that man, through faith might work mighty miricals; Therefore he bcometh a great benfit to his fellow beings." Faith is the recipe for miracles. So if we set goals (spiritual types) and act in faith this next year our testimonies will grow exponentially. It all depends on our faith. With all the new changes in the church we have plenty of GREAT opportunities to take advantage of this year. What will you do? 
This week was insane! I was emergency transfered from Duque de Caxias to Méier in zone Andaraí. It was a little sad saying goodbye to everyone and being transfered the day before christmas, but it´s all good. I´m excited for a new fresh start here in Méier. Méier is what I thought Rio would be like. This city is big! I´m not too far from Copocabana, but I can´t see it haha. I´m close to the misson office too. We had christmas with some members monday evening after I arrived. The food was excellent. We helped prepare 4 of our investigators for baptism! We helped them with any doubts they had and got them all interviewed. This saturday we baptized Jo, Diogo, and Marcelo. Jo and Diogo are a son and mother. And Marcelo is a cool guy with around 40 years. They were all confirmed on Sundau, and after  chruch we baptized the cousin of Diogo named Junior. He´ll be confirmed next sunday. Wow! What a great way to start off my time here. The ward here (from what I heard) is the best in Rio. They all are so kind and inviting. Saturday night we ordered dominos to clebrate. Excited for this next transfer. Have a great week everyone!
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