November 26, 2018


Duque de Caxias


Elder Chipman

Week 9

Bom dia everyone! This week was a good week. I feel i´m really settling into mission life now. I feel much more happy! I found a good balance of working hard and learning how to have fun too. I don´t know why but at times I struggle with this a little bit. This was one goal of mine this week. My second was to finish the Book of Mormon again. I finished it on Saturday! Now I will move onto The Doctrine and Covenants. Cant wait because D&C´s rock! I´d like to focus on one topic in D&C today too. D&C talks about gifts that everyone has. God given gifts. When we look at the skills and accomplishments of other people it is quite easy to become envious. You might feel you don't have much to offer. But this isn't a good way to look at it. You will only find jealousy this way. D&C 46:12 says "To some is given one , and to some is given another, that ALL MAY PROFIT thereby." This is profound. For example, some have the gift of knowledge, or the gift of faith to heal, or countless other spiritual gifts. When people use there gifts righteously, everyone profits. You just need to be humble enough to learn from them. You need to make the profit haha. Everyone will be uplifted. Right now I am focusing on spiritual gifts, but I can see this working the same way in many instances with physical gifts as well. We all have gifts that we need to search for and develop for the benefit of others. You will find more satisfaction using them to help others. I thought this was important to share this week. 

This week was a cool week. Lots of rain and really hot! Wednesday we had interviews with the president. This was #2 for me. It was really chill. This week as I was looking around I really became fond of the culture here. The bright, colorful, happy culture here. It´s really different from any other place i´ve been.  After interviews we went to a pizza buffet and together with 6 people we ate 118 pieces of pizza. Our goals was 120. So close. This week we went into a little more dangerous area and one person almost got robbed in front of me, and we saw guards with guns entering a new community. So that was cool haha. I went of splits Saturday with elder carter. Anyways, it was a good week. Chão!

Elder Angell


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