November 19, 2018


Rio de Janeiro,,Brazil


Elder Chipman

Re: Fat TURKEY week!

Love it! Yes I am the happiest Ive ever been id say. Lovin the mission life now. Im super exhausted after last week haha. This is good! The baptisms were great! the video will explain them well. Very happy for Marcos and Alexandre. And yes I have been sweating a ton. Im actually chafing pretty bad...I need to usebaby powder. That picture is hot! haha. Wow that is a super heay box! cant wait haaha. Im glad you are improving on being kind and loving your neighbor! Way to go momma. Im proud of you. I will miss a good thanksgiiving meal thats for sure haha. But the members feed us well here so thats good. All is well here. Love you bunches mom. Chão!

On Mon, Nov 19, 2018 at 2:53 AM Jarell Angell <> wrote:

Elder Angell-                                                                      November
18, 2018


Well it’s almost thanksgiving and as I sit down to write you
I’m recalling that I had some members in Sao Paulo that tried to make us a
Thanksgiving dinner but it was pork.  It
was really the first time I distinctly remember tasting pork and I really liked
it.  I believe that was the only pork
meal I had on my mission at least that was the only pork meal I recall.  It was really sweet of them to even attempt a
Thanksgiving dinner since it’s a US holiday. 
Aren’t the Brazilian people the kindest! 
I love that you had fazuada! I love it! 
I’m sure I didn’t spell that right though! Haha  We are just cooking the normal Thanksgiving
dinner but we’ll be missing those creamy mashed potatoes you always make!  We’ll have to make a flat Truman so you can
join us at the table! hehe

Your package made it to Salt Lake and the lady told me it
weighs 15 ½ pounds and was supposed to be 7! Haha ummm what can we say we
really love our Elder Angell!  There are some
micro lights that you’ll have to put on the green Christmas tinsel/garland and
tape/pin it up on your wall in the shape of a tree when you finally get your
package. You’ll have to let us know when you’ll be having your Christmas
conference with the other missionaries. Sorry I couldn’t stuff a tree in your
package since you’re in Brazil but I figured I could at least try something
that resembled a tree haha.  I think it will
be fun to have the little ferry lights on at night at least.  Maybe you can put it all in a pocket of your
suitcase in a little ball after Christmas for next Christmas!  

Oh yay I’m so glad you got the peanut butter! We talked
about it and dad ordered it for you.  We’ll
try to do that for you once in a while. 
Just let us know when you need some. J

I hope your companion’s back is feeling better now so you’re
able to go work out at the field.  He
could at least come and stretch while you run. 
As long as he is there you can be working out.  Well how did your week go buddy?  I can’t wait to hear about your investigators
and if they got baptized.  I’ve been
praying for them and you!

I had a better week this week being Kind.  It was more on my mind and so it was really
nice this week taking the sacrament and being able to feel progress in my kindness.  I just wish I didn’t have to drive because you
know what an aggressive driver I can be some times haha.  I’ll just never see eye to eye with slow drivers!

It was fun seeing the picture of your study desk/space. You
do have a nice place. We liked your Zona Rio shirt and it was fun to see you
reppin the Utah State shirt!  Your video camera
takes great videos especially when you have plenty of light in the room.  It seemed to me that you were more yourself
during this last letter/video.  I was
pondering why this week and I came to the conclusion that it was because you
have JOY!  How great shall be their JOY
in the kingdom of heaven if the shall bring but one soul unto me.  You and your companion will have joy in this
life as well when you see your brothers and sister accept Christ, God and the
Holy Ghost along with the Gospel.  You
were excited about your investigators I could tell.  Also I think because you are now able to be
obedient with your new companion.  It
makes a big difference in your day when you are able to work well with a good
companion.  I’m happy you are happy and
that you are loving being a missionary! 

It was fun to hear you’re playing futue ball!  Loved hearing about the Lebanese food and the
little pizzas!  Yes, please use your
credit card if you need more food buddy it’s okay. 

Shot some mission pics of Lee yesterday for his
farewell/open house this evening.  His
talk was good and it sounded like he actually put some thought in to what he
said and prepared.  I think he is so
ready to leave and he has been board since you left no doubt.  The one pic of him where he has his mouth
wide open I told him to holler Truman…. I miss you. He was still saying your
name when I snapped it! Haha

I love that you realized that the Savior walked in the
Americas and not far from where you are probably.  I loved that when I first realized that
too!      So are you using the back of
your ties yet to wipe the sweat off your face? 
I told ya it get hot in Brazil!

Well I better get to bed since I’m up at 5:30 every
morning.  I love you so much Elder
Angell!! I’m so proud of you! Keep up the pace you’re doing amazing!

Love mom💗🦃🦃



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