October 29, 2018


Duque de Caxias


Elder Chipman

WEEK 6 - New Companion

Transfer week baby! Bom dia I hope everyone is doing well! This week the Christ like attribute I have been working on was fé (faith). This one is interesting because missionary work alone is an act of faith. Just coming here was an act of faith. But that's not enough. If you have faith, you will acknowledge Jesus Christ as your savior and redeemer, which needs to be followed by an action. For example repentance, prayer, baptism, excepting a calling, ect, are all types of acts of faith. When we do these things we demonstrate to god how solid our faith is. I feel the word faith is a bit misunderstood here in Rio and throughout the christian world. I ask almost everyone here is they have faith in Jesus Christ, and almost always they say "yes I do." Then when I ask them is they attend church, read the bible, or pray, often times they don't. This isnt faith. This is simple vague hope in a person that lived over 2000 years ago. There is no real substance to behind this when you don"t at least try to get to know the savior. Many of peoples problems can be solved with acts of faith. 1st Nephi 20:10 says "Oh! If you had heard my commandments then your peace would be flowing as a river." The word "hear" here means obeyed. "hearing! is a verb---> which points towards action. Anyways this is what I have been pondering a little about this week. 

This week had many great small miracles. We ended up giving a blessing to a man we talked to on the street who had a painful skin condition. We taught him that through his faith, and gods will, he can be healed. The spirit was very strong during the blessing, and he said he felt at peace after. He is in his mid 60´s and has had the disease for 8 years! I feel for him. We also taught a good family with 6 kids this week. The kids are just the cutest. Yesterday was Brazil's presidential election. The guy who won's name is Bolsonaro. His nickname is the "Brazilian Trump." Everyone lit off fireworks like crazy when it was announced he won. We will probably see protests this week. Also, Transfers! I have a new companion, but I am still in Duque de Caxias. His name is Elder Chipman. He is Brazilian and has 6 months in the flied. I like him a lot and am excited for these next few weeks. What a great week. Hope everyone had a wonderful week too. Chão!

Elder Angell


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