October 22, 2018


Duque de Caxias


Elder Farias


Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. This was by far the most satisfying week so far. This week I worked on charity and love as my weekly Christ like attribute to improve upon. PMG says "charity is a gift from god" and when you pray for this "Your love for all people will increase, especially among those you labor, you will come to feel a sincere concern for the eternal welfare and happiness of other people." With the relationships I am building here. I can testify this is certainly true. I love my investigators so much, and I cant stop thinkin about them. What I can do for them. They are my life right now. I care about their questions, concerns, and problems. I am here to selflessly serve them and help them use their agency to change their lives. I have to give them everything I have to offer, as christ would have and already did. This is charity, and true love in its truest sense. 

This week we talked with our main investigators and helped them progress along quite well. On Tuesday we are setting up a baptisimal interview with Nelsa! Tuesday we took a train down to Botafogo for training. I learned a lot about how to improve my teaching skills. After we went to a great buffet called Parmas. On the train back we saw a dancing spider man on the train. I wish I got a picture. It was funny. On Friday night we stopped at an investigators house and 2 young neighborhood kids came up to me and started playing ninja/pretend fighting haha. It was really fun. Then we played basketball keep-away with a soccer ball for like twenty minutes in the street. The kids here are the coolest. Overall a great week and we worked the hardest we have yet. Feeling good. Chão!
Elder Angell


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