October 15, 2018


Duque de Caxias


Elder Farias

Singing in the rain (Week 4)

Week 4 already! What a week it has been. It rained just about every day, but I feel we made the most of the time we had out working. My main goals for this week was to work on humility. This is an important attribute of christ to be constantly working on. When we have humble, we are willing to learn from others and our own mistakes. When we are humble we will harken to the guidance of the lord. Many things in the world we learn with our minds. For example, science inlcudes testing things over and over, making a hypothesis, and learning through trial and error. But, someother things we learn through the spirit, and our heart. These are the things of the gospel. This is the best way to learn (and know) the best things there are to learn about. 2nd Nephi 32: 5 explains that you should hearken to the spirit becasue it will "Show you all tihings you should do." Anyways thats my little spiritual blurb for this week. 
This week we invited one person to be baptized after teaching her the Plan of Salvation. She will pray about it. Her name is Nilsa and she said she has alerady been baptized, so we explained to here about authority, the presithood, and the comfirmation by the holy ghost. We are praying for her. Tuesday we had our first zone conference! It was so exciting. We took a train down to the main Rio area and had it at a church there. We basically learned a lot of things about how to improve as a missionary, and how missionary work is not an easy task because "Salvation was NEVER easy." -Elder Holland. Wednesday we were walking around making contacts and one of our investigators Jorge walks up behind us, and he was a little drunk, and he had a cigarette in his hand haha. He followed us to a bench where we taught his the word of wisdom. We are not sure how much he will remember but we invited himm to follow this commandement. Saturday night we had our first lesson with a new family. A couple who are members in our ward sat in with us and lead us to their home. They are friends. One reason they lead us there was because the area was pretty dangerous. We ended up teaching the Plan of Salvation as well. I could really feel the spirit when we bore our testimonies at the end and I think they did too. We really focused on the fact how families can live together for eternity. We then invited them to pray about our words and we will follow up with them this week. After we took an Uber home beacuse it was pooring rain, but then we realized the other missionaries haad the keys, so we stood in the rain for a half hour in the dark! It was super fun haha. I made a bet with my comp that if I made a contact in the rain he would pay me 10 reals but nobody was out that late. Next time... With all the rain we made it the best week we could! The good work continues this week. Chao! 
Elder Angell


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