October 8, 2018


Duque de Caxias


Elder Farias

10.8.18 Family Email

Hey everyone! hope everything is going well. This week was super intersting and genral conf was a huge blessing. This week I was working on pactience as missionary work moves at its own pace haha. I loved genral conferene. I was able to watch itin english as well. While watching one thing that stook out to me as a theme was the singular power of Jesus Christ and his name. He lives, leads, guides, and directs his church on earth today. His name is powerful and what he did for mankind was even more powerful. His name deserves respect and I think as a church we are begining to realize that. Christ is at the center of our (members) lives, and in our doctruine. Without him we have no meaning behind our doctrine. The bom speaks of christ everywherer. I just love it all. I know all of the new anouncementws made this weekend will strengthen peoples personal conversion and families as a whole in the long run. I cant wait to see it unfold. 
A few cool things happened this week. Sadly, our lesson with Nilsa fell through and were unable to ask here to be baptiszed. She works a lot. We are still working on teaching her. Prayinig for her every day. Monday for P-day was awesome. after emailing we went and played soccer and basketball with a bunch of members and some investigators for like 4 hrs. It was so cool to see Brazilians playing THEIR game. They schooled E. Wade and I. Then we schooled them in basketball haha. Then wednesday we stoped for Acai and I got natural and pineapple flavors mixed with a bunch of toppings. super good. Acai is my fav dessert here. We worked hard this week and ened with 125 contacts, 5 more than our goal. and 23 new investigators. WE will try to get teaching more this week hopefully. Then friday night was a milagre! I had been praying hard for help to meet our goal for the week because we were only at 68 contacts. Just as E. Farias and I had returned to the casa E. Wade and his comp call us to come meet them where rthey were. They were with a big family with a ton a friends too. Then we followed the mom to a park. She is very intersted in the gospel. At this park she literally introduced us to everyone she knew and eventually we were surrounded by 40 kids from 12-20 years old and just talked for like an hour! Eventually we
pulled out the plan of salvation kit and gave a small 5 minute overview to everyone! At the end I was able to bare my testimony that through this plan, we can live with our families para sempre (forever). I opened up to the back of my BOM and showed a pic of my fam as well. They loved it and we also explained the BOM a little bit to a few people. We gave a book to a young girl. We have 17 new contacts because of this. Also next saturday I will be teaching the English class at the church. We will see how that goes haha. Well that was my week. Ready to get teaching more! Love you all and have an amazing week!

Elder Angell


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