October 1, 2018


Duque de Caxias


Elder Farias

Oi All! - Hope

Oi all! What an exciting week! My goals for this week were to create a language study plan and to speak more portuguese in the casa. My spiritual goal was to work on the attrivute of hope. As my second week in the feild I am still having a lot of things thrown at me so I felt this would help. I learned that hope wis very important because hope leads to faith, and faith leads to action. When we have hope then we can expect that god will help us through any situation we are going through, and just beleive. When we have hope we show god we undertand his will and are willing to submit to it. One quote that helped me this week was "Be not afraid, only beleive." I thought of this as I was working everyday. This week we taught our first real lesson! we were abe to teaach the mother of a young deacon in our ward. He was already baptized but she wasnt. We decided to teach her the restoration of the gospel. It went really well! I stumbled on my words a bit but was able to bare my testimony which was good. We have a lesson with here tomorrow again about the plan of salvation and we are going to invite her to be baptized. We shared a few other short messags with people as well. We have some new people to teach this week as well. Saturday night we ordered Pizza to our casa! It was the first good pizza I have had in quite a while haha. I am beginging to make friends with people in our ward. They are all so kind! Especially the kids. I am finally getting tan again after 6 weeks in the CTM haha! Getting a watch tan too. Overall it was a pretty solid week. Glad to see some progress is being made.


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