October 1, 2018


Duque de Caxias


Elder Farias

To Mom - Birthday

Love you mom your amazing! Thanks for the advice! And yeah I am really trying hard to adjust to the moe chill culture. I am ok with chilling just when we are actually suposed to be. We  have frequently returned to the house hours early because he was tired. Could have made more contacts. We were told to work until the last hour at 9. One night this week we came back at 5. I asked him if we could stay out longer but he just said he was tired. I have really been kind to him and trying to be charitable. I love him a lot just going a little crazy sometimes lol. He honestly is like a Brazilian Zach. My pacience is definetlyl being tested. Sometimes I feel he doesnt acknowledge me or elder Wade. and just talks to the other Brazi in the house I basically broke down yesterday though. I took a breather and before we went to bed I sat him down and told him my concers. I thanked him for everything he has done but told him I am here to serve the lord with all my heart every day, and that we need to work more and more efficiently. He does break some rules but I understand i is impossible to obey all the rules because there are so many. But some he could do better. Like they play video on the computers during email and listen to like top 50 music on our phnes. Luckely he understood and said he was having a hard week too and some family issues. We really do have a good relationship just somethings we are working on now. He appologized and said this next week we will work "maximo" haha. I have hope things will change. Like he has made a total of 5 contacts. I have made the rest. And the family we are with is soooo nice! They speak zero english haha. And I would love a box of American stuff! idc what haha you know what I like. And it has to be sent to the mission home just to let you know. Doubt it would make it here untoutched. People here love beef jerky haha. Other than the comp situation I am doing really great! Having some excellent personal study time when we arent working haha. Maybe a blessing in disquise idk lol. Food is amazing. Today we are going to play basketball at the church! cant wait. I got a lot better after playing for 6 weeks at the CTM. I AM SO GLAD your phtotgraphy is taking off! I am super exdcited for you. I know your going to doa great job. How is your job/workoout routine comiong along? Happy BDAY! You the best. Love you lots! Have an amazing week momma.



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