September 11, 2018


Rio de Janeiro,,Brazil


Elder Boyack

Sorry for Late response

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Date: Tue, Sep 11, 2018 at 6:49 PM
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What is up my dude?! Super glad to here everything is going well! And those shoes sound so bad lol, never. Hey good luck with all the BYU/college prep stuff! Luckily you only need to do it once (unless you go to med school lol). And yes god has been the only one playing any cards here, I am a completely usless unprofitable servant without him. Honestly, what I would tell myself senior year was to just stay focused on the lord, but still have a great time. This is literally probably the last time in your life you can truely be a kid. Dont sweat it if you dont feel you dont know a ton about the gospel or all the ins and outs of it, because you are literally just teaching the basics. Also, be I would continue to learn to just speak from the heart as much as you can because that is what converts people. The spirit throuhg you teaching is what converts people. Im glad you are learning more about gods plan for you. lo-key we have been referencing Drakes God Plan every day here lol. Have a great week man! Love ya 
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Sorry about the late response! The way my email is
linked or something was all messed up. Also this
is my second time typing this because the app got
all messed up and deleted it the first time I
wrote it. I’ve been reading all of your letters
and Truman I am so righteously pleased(because
pride is bad;)) with you! You are growing so much
in the gospel and as a missionary it is crazy! I
am so jealous, even though jealousy is bad, of
you! I want to be in your shoes right now! Also
the amount of growth you have had in learning the
language and everything and memorization is just
insane! Not to say you couldn’t do it alone, but
you couldn’t do it alone. Amazing to see how
much God can help us in everything when we are in
his service. He loves us and wants us to succeed
more than we can even comprehend. I have been
learning so much about his plan for me and his
plan in general in my recent scripture studies.
Also on a side note seminary is now at Brother
Holove’s house because we got kicked out of the
high school. Also in response to your last message
to me, the ladies are fine, they are at bay
though, gotta keep them far off in preparation for
the Lord’s mission I am entrusted to! I’m just
so excited and I can’t believe how fast time has
actually passed. You are almost a whole month out
on your mission. It seems like just yesterday I
was 12 years old and you were moving into the
Noblesville Ward. Senior year has been so good but
so hectic, I have had so much to do with student
government as well as trying to get everything
ready for applying to BYU as well as prepare for
going on a mission. Anyways just to give you a
little touch to the outside world so you know what
is cool, dad shoes are in. I know it’s
disgusting but if you are rocking all white
Fila’s, you are the raddest kid on the block...
disgusting. Lastly, if you had the knowledge you
have now having been in the MTC for a few weeks,
what would you want to tell your younger self
going into your senior year? I love you Truman!
The people of Brazil are so blessed to have

-Ian Gibbons

P.S: Enjoy this picture of me speaking at stake

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