September 11, 2018


Sao Paulo MTC


Elder Boyack

Um Mas! (Week 5)

Hey there everyone. Sorry for the shorter email last week, didnt have as much time as I would like. Goals for this week included:-mark/tab all of my scriptures and create a simple color system for teaching with them-read to Pg. 500 of B.O.M-Work as a unified body in my new trio!-Christlike attribute: Knowledge
When marking my scriptures this week I also worked on the Christ like attribute of knowledge in PMG. This week as I went through all the lessons I marked and tabbed important sciptures and so many things stood out to me. I peronally feel I am not the biggest scripture geek in the world. If someone asked me where a certain story was I might not know, that is why I chose to work on this. One that really stuck out to me was Nephi 2:25, a classic. I love how it very simply, in one verse, explains a major part of the Plan of Happiness. Men are that they might have joy. Joy is such a great blessing god has allowed us to have, and it comes form the knowledge of what we learned from all the good times, and difficult times in life. Although the CTM has been one of the hardest times in my life, as a whole I have never been happier and more satisfied. Because there really is no more satisfying work! I think it really is in all the little moments here that will help me remember all that I have learned and how happy of a time it has been. Although it has been tough you might as well slap on a smile because that is life. God gives us challenges and difficulties to grow beyond ourselves. He gives us trials that we can only get through with HIM. With his help. As we realize how big of a role god plays in our lives, and that challenges literally are only meant to help us in the long run, it is much easier to find Joy. Sorry for the rant, I just love how simple and profound that verse is. As this next week is my last week in the CTM I came up with a list of all the things I will miss: -P-day around Sao Palo-temple day at Campinas 2 hrs away-the pretty drive to Campinas -The district Basketball games vs. the Japanese district during actividade phisica, and showing them up haha-Irmao Muramotsu and Irmao Louza. They have both been so kind, helpful, and patient with me and everyone everyday for six week as we have learned this new language, and they barely speak ours as well-All the great friends from around the world I have made that have been leaving or who I will leave, some of the countries they are from include: Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Mexico,Brazil, ect. Thety are all the kindest and most loving people ever!-The fruit market-Singing hymns as a district in the showers -Morning Paninis-The breakfast Porridge-and a lot more
Anyways, this week was Brazil Independence day so they had a special lunch that was pretty good. I also have a new companion with Elder Boyack. His name is Elder Coburn and he is awesome. His comp went home so we are together till be leave. Also, I listened to the devotional last Sunday evening without headphones and I loved it. One thing I got from it was ;Do everything with real intent^} This really hit me this week and tried to do everything with purpose behind it. Praying, teaching, learning, reading, ect. Anyways, great week! I leave for Rio next Tuesday (early morning flight) and I most likely wont be able to email because Pday in the field is Monday and I can only email on Tuesdays here so it might be 2 weeks. Have a great week everyone! love you all!

Elder Angell


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