September 4, 2018


Sao Paulo MTC


Elder Boyack

Out in the Real World! (Week 4)

Hey everyone! What a week. A lot happened this week that I will never forget. To start, my main goals for this week were to keep on track to finish the BOM before I leave the CTM in Port, and to prepare myself for proselyting on Saturday to talk to everyone and to get more comfortable with street talk, rather than just gospel talk which has been coming along very well. Goal one went well and just came up on half way today, in Alma 22. Goal 2 went good as well because that is what actually lead to my main spiritual experience to this week! On Saturday morning around 9:30 we went out to one of the busiest ave in Sao Palo, don't know the name though, and we went proselyting for contacts for other missionaries for about an hour and a half. Real missionary stuff! We went up and down 4 blocks the entire time but it was super busy so rarely ran into the same people. Elder B and I took a few minutes to get going as this was basically our first time talking to a real Brazil with the little bit of Portuguese we knew. After the first person, who was very nice, and had a kid, it got a lot easier. We talked to lots of people at the bus stops and ended up getting 4 contacts total, even though that's not what really matters. I love the people here they are so nice and willing to help us even with our Portuguese. Many péople were surprised we had only been speaking Port for 3 weeks lol. 2 guys we met were very nice and they both accepted to here a message and we got there info for the other missionaries. Hopefully they like what they here! Also, I taught a class on Sunday about enduring to the end and it went really well! everyone participated and we had a great discussion and felt the spirit. Shared a good story about staying on the path haha. P day we went to the Campinas temple again, and had a great time. We had an earlier session at 8:45 and got back at 1 or so. have a great week!


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