August 28, 2018


Sao Paulo MTC


Elder Boyack

Splits! (week 3)

Wow what an insanely inspiring week. First off to correct what I said last week (even thouhg numbers are not what matter I feel I need to correct myself haha), Rio North averages 130-50 baptisms/WEEK. not month. That is amazing. These4 weeks goals were a little different. They were to begin to improve my teaching skills, become much less scripted and just teach from the heart. I learned a lot fromo doing this and feel it will benfit a lot of people and I can focus on them rather than spit information at them like a firehose lol. This week I also decided I am going to read the entire B.O.M in Port before I leave the ctm. I am starting a little late so I have had to read 2 pgs/day but its doable with all the study time I have. It is going well and I am begining to pic up on maybe 50/50 of what it says. This week we taught our fake investigator william the restoration and I decided I would, for the first time, recite to him the first vison from memory. Man I will alwasy remember this as the first time. I took it nice and slow, looking him directly in the eyes and began getting pretty emotional. Even thouhg the lesson was fake the spirirts precense was amaszingly strong and he told me afterwards he really felt it. Glad I got to experience that. I have been searching for what kind of skills I specifically have when it comes to teaching that can benefit others and think I have more clarity on a few. I feel I can help invite the spirit pretty well, and I am retty decent onm determing how they are feeling and coming up with a response that settles their uneesyness or questions. Also, not afraid to be direct. That Is what irmao Lauoaza told us to do and I feel it is necissary. 
My best friend in the district is probably Elder Mortneson. He is great at  drawing and wants to be a cartoon artist or story board writer after the miss. I am also sick this week. Think it is a sinus infection. Been a little hard to sleep tbh. I also got my haircut down the street on pday. It went well. They guy is super good and used a strait razor to touch me up. Also we went on splits for a part of the day for 3 days., My companion was elder cardoso! he was amazing. Only member in his family and decided to serve. Love him so much. We taught three lessons together. no pics cause we are not allowed any more in MTC. Sorry. Have a great week!


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