August 21, 2018


Sao Paulo MTC


Elder Boyack

Amazing Role Models (Week 2)

Toudo Bom! how is everything with everyone! Thiss week ive decided I would like to share a scripture or something spiritual that stood out to me this week, and the goals which I had this past week. This week when we were in choir/devotional on suunday and I looked at out at all the amazing 500 missionaries here at the MTC and was overcome with such a great sense of joy and happiness. All these people are here not for themselves, but to serve others for two years. We are here as representatives of god to INVITE others to come into christ and to make criticak decisions that will effect their eternity. I have taken my responsibility so much more seriouse this week. There are so few of us and so many people who can benfit from the gospel of jesus christ. We are not here to baptize people into the church. We are here to convert people to the fulness of christs gosple that EXISTS on earth today. I am motivated by the realization of how many people can benefit from our messsage! My goals this week I tried to focus in a way that would help benefit others. My main one was to soften my heart a lot! I really felt like I had work to do there for some reason. I needed (and still am) to work on my empathy towards others if I was going to help anyone change thier lives for eternity. Its not that I felt I was mean or anything, and just felt that is what I meant and I am really trying to help others as much as possible, and am always on the lookout. I am trying to talk to everyone I can, to possibly make theyer mday, check in on them, help them talk through anything they are having trouble with. This work is 100% focus on serving others. Another goal was to increased my neatness/organization. This way I can always be preapred to help others. To flip to a scripture that is important, find a book, or so I can more clearly plan things out. neatness allows you to be in better tune with the spirit. You must have high standards as a missionary. Also, I wanted to finish the basic language core this week. I did it! O Dom Do Linguas! I love it! It is sereal! 250 words learned, the first vison memorized, morni 10:4-5 memorized, and the missionary purpose memorized! God is absouluytly amazing and I will always be indebt to him. I just want to be as good as I can to help as many people in the most effective way poissible that I can. 
Wednesdays are P Days. Last Wednesday we drove 1 1/2 hrs to the Campinhas (?) temple. It is beatuiful, on a hill, overlooking the whole city! It is extermely tiny too. Reminds me of Columbus. After that we got to walk around in about a half mile cercumferancve arond the mtc and eat, and get somem fresh air, visit shops ect. WE get to do it all over again tomorrow! I really need a haircut. Cant wait haha. Sometimes I get frustrated and stressed out here, but EVERY SINGLE NIGHT I reflect back on the day and m,y mind is blown how amazing it is to be here and how I saw the lords hand in eveery single day. At the temp we talked toa guy whoi served in Rio. Heard some cool photos
! 2 bapts a week normally. 150 bapt this month alone in rio north. love you all!


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